High-speed Wi-Fi takes off at Beirut International Airport

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Beirut, Lebanon – Sept. 30, 2019: Libatel, a leading Information and Communications Technology Systems Integrator in the Region, today announced the deployment for MoT and Ogero of the Public Wi-Fi at Beirut International Airport. Together with his partners Ruckus Wireless and ANTlabs, Libatel introduces a new travel experience across the airport: high-speed and secure free Wi-Fi. Passengers are now able to enjoy the new Wi-Fi experience with up to 600 Mbps (megabytes per second) speeds.

The initiative highlights Lebqanon’s efforts to sail the technology trend and promises to provide high performance using Beamflex, Ruckus’ patented adaptive antenna technology, which ensures improved performance and connectivity, a better signal and maximum energy efficiency. Libatel’s partner ANTlab’s, developed a one-stop gateway for managing and analyzing data, while delivering a hassle-free, high-quality network experience for travellers.

  1. Kreidieh, Director of Ogero, said the internet service will now be managed by Ogero, and will be available through fiber-optics in 157 Wi-Fi points throughout the airport.

This is just the first phase of a contract awarded to Libatel, by The Ministery of Telecommunications and OGERO, to deploy the Public Wi-Fi in Lebanon in partnership with Ruckus and Antlabs. The remaining scope of the project will be extended to cover other public areas such as public gardens and attractive hot spots in Great Beirut Area and big cities.

Today, the Wi-Fi network at the airport is operating at high performance, due to our team’s expertise, dedication, professionalism and the remote support of Ruckus and ANTLabs.

Innovation is an important driver for Libatel. In an effort to pull new ideas, to help businesses boost productivity, our team thinks smart to deliver powerful, new IoT solutions.

Again, Libatel shows its full commitment to its customers in Lebanon and abroad, while keeping its contribution to the development of the ICT sector in general.

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